Carpet cleaning process

If you’re curious about how the professionals wash the carpets of their clients, right now we’re going to share with you info about it. Apart from that, go to carpet cleaning cammeray if you need reliable carpet cleaning north shore .


The initial process of removing dust and fine sand attached to the carpet fibers. For the dusting process, there are 3 methods

a. Air dusting
The carpet is held in an open space and sprayed with the surface with a tool called Air Duster which is connected with a compressor of at least 5HP

b. Rug Duster
This method was inspired by the way of dusting the past by using a cotton paddle made of rattan. The carpet was held on the floor with the position upside down and the machine was run, careful with the carpet which was fragile.

c. Tumble Duster
The carpet is put into a tool called the tumble duster which will rotate slowly back and forth and slam the carpet so that dust and sand are separated from the fabric fibers


The second process is removing dust by vacuuming the carpet using a wet & dry vacuum cleaner.


Washing, not Cleaning, the carpet is thoroughly washed as a whole, not just the surface. The process of washing the carpet with a wet system, using a polisher with a brush for the carpet. The carpet is brushed face and back with carpet shampoo in 2 different directions in submerged conditions if possible.


The process of rinsing the carpet using a high-pressure cleaner or with a water broom on the face and back, followed by rinsing using running water until the rinse water is clear.


The process of reducing the moisture content of the carpet to help with the drying process with 2 methods:

a. Vacuum wet n dry / Vacuum extractor
b. Spinner


The process of drying the carpet without drying directly under the sun to keep the colors brilliant. The cleaning process of carpet tassel is done in this process, then the carpet is combed so that the fur is softer after it is dry later.

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